On a daily basis, more than 100 designers, technicians, and administrative staff work from our Milan headquarters around the world and confirm, through their commitment and collaboration, the success of our integrated approach to design.

People and their skills are the engine for achieving our goals

Founded in 1988 by three engineers who combined their affinities and ambitions in the field of construction, BMS is now divided into four active work areas throughout Italy and abroad.
We invest in the growth of our employees within the facility and their training, foster new work stimulation, and promote direct involvement and responsibility for action within our quality standards.

A managerial organization with specialized and cross-functional technical teams





We are an organization engaged in the development of complex projects in which systems integration is one of the most distinctive elements: the systematic involvement of all design disciplines is a recurring element in our projects.
This is why we have been able to devise, develop and refine a method and consequently a business functional model that is articulate, yet clear and simple.It is this method and model that enable us to provide adequate and comprehensive service to our clients, from concenzione to handover of their projects.