La percezione dello spazio – interview with Luciano Galimberti

La percezione dello spazio – interview with Luciano Galimberti
14 July 2021 BMS Progetti Srl

Luciano Galimberti, President of ADI – Industrial Design Association and head of the Compasso d’Oro Museum in Milan, took part to the BMS initiative “La percezione dello spazio”, centered on the exhibition of works by W. Niedermayr on Iran and on some SANAA projects.

The interview with Luciano Galimberti closed a cycle of meetings, curated by Claudio Composti, in which an articulated dialogue with several voices on art, contemporary design, sustainability and social responsibility was developed, with the relationship between ethics and aesthetics at the center of the dialogue, up to the innovative concept of Design Thinking.

The works of W. Niedermayr will now move to Turin at the Italian Center for Photography, CAMERA. The exhibition was organized between CAMERA and Intesa Sanpaolo – Founding Member and Institutional Partner of CAMERA – in collaboration with the Ncontemporary gallery and curated by Walter Guadagnini with the collaboration of Claudio Composti and Giangavino Pazzola.


BMS LAB conceived the exhibition project with the support of the Ncontemporary gallery (Milan | London) and the curator Claudio Composti.


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