La percezione dello spazio

La percezione dello spazio
16 October 2020 BMS Progetti Srl

Continuing on the path started in 2019, BMS Progetti presents an exhibition dedicated to the works of the artist / photographer Walter Niedermayr. The selection of the works displayed in the spaces of Piazza Santissima Trinità 6, Milan, revolves around Walter Niedermayr’s ability to depict a very particular perception of the landscape in his “serial” shots, in tune with BMS’s design research.

Most of the photographs come from the series created by the artist in Iran between 2005 and 2008. Alongside these pieces, a selection of other works more specifically focused on the photographic representation of contemporary architectural structures, to underline the importance of the perception of space as an experience, both in the world of photography and in the architectural approach during the design and construction phases.

Through this exhibition project, BMS wants to investigate the perceptive experience of space, a characteristic theme of Walter Niedermayr’s works, involving the observer through the works on display in an immersive connection, while deepening the theme of the spatial relationship between the full and empty spaces of architectural volumes.

BMS LAB conceived the exhibition project with the support of the Ncontemporary gallery (Milan | London) and the curator Claudio Composti.


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