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    Backstage, architecture as practical work


    CONFERENCE – Gizmo

    What lies behind the “façade” of today’s architecture? How do you work abroad? What figures, what skills, which work organization? Important names in architecture and emerging designers talk about all these subjects during the meeting “Backstage, architecture as a practical work”, edited by Gizmo in collaboration with the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies of the Politecnico di Milano.

  • Pria opens a new building in Via Torino

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    NEWS – il ghirlandaio

    The new building located between via Torino, via della Palla and via Lupetta will be opened today in Milan, at the presence of local authorities, after a major upgrading lasted three years by PRIA SpA, a privately held investment and real estate development society. The new building occupies an area of over 6,000 square meters and will house shops, offices, private homes and garages.

    NEWS – internews

  • EXPO Pavillions and BIM

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    NEWS – shelidon

    Which EXPO 2015 pavillions were made thanks to building information modeling, why and with what results?

  • The Excelsior Hotel Gallia reborn in Milan

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    NEWS – arketipo magazine

    In a period of great turmoil for the city of Milan, after the International Furniture Fair and a few days before the opening of Expo 2015, the Excelsior Hotel Gallia was finally opened.

  • The canopy cover of Palazzo Italia

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    NEWS – promozione acciaio

    • A spatial structure of steel and glass of 4,500 sq.m.
    • 350 tonnes of steel trusses made of circular tubular elements
    • Permanent work, customized, expression of innovation, created with a single structural model