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  • The collaboration between BMS Lab and HILTI leads to the first results

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    is the open innovation platform of BMS Progetti, a container of innovative ideas and initiatives that aims to develop new skills and experiences within our daily work, through an extensive collaboration between our professionals and the realities that revolve around our company, as customers, suppliers, partners, institutional and academic bodies.





    In this logic, the partnership between BMS Lab and HILTI, launched last year, has allowed us to work on the conception, development and subsequent implementation of anti-seismic solutions for the clamping of HVAC systems, using BIM as an innovative platform at the service of design.





    Starting from a selected case study, we developed and implemented a series of technical solutions, modeled and customized in an integrated way within the BIM model based on specific needs, in the advancement of the final project, and on the products offered by Hilti, in the construction phase.





    Consistent with the development of the design activity, the work carried out has thus made it possible to progressively address the various design aspects, interdisciplinary and related to interference, allowing the harvest of information on the individual elements studied.





    These data, grouped within the families of objects created specifically for the project in question, were brought back into a library of semi-typological elements in order to exploit the notions acquired also in the development of following projects, anticipating the use of detailed information, considered at a parametric level, already in the final design phase.





    The result, of great importance from a technical point of view, is represented by the strong evidence of the potential offered by the use of integrated design from a BIM perspective, which optimizes the design of complex objects and systems, concretely favoring collaboration between design and production.





    This is only the first result of a path that BMS Progetti and HILTI want to undertake, not only to promote and enhance their skills in synergy, but also to offer the market and the construction world increasingly innovative, convenient and useful solutions for the entire production chain.

  • Torre C: coming soon!

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    In 24 months we are giving back to Milan the C Tower of the complex in Viale Giulio Richard, in the San Cristoforo area.

    The building underwent a profound retrofit that has completely renewed the image and the features of the pre-existing tower, with the complete redesign of the façades, the integration of the structural components and the reconfiguration of all MEP systems.

    BMS Progetti took care of the integrated design and management of the executive phases, leading the project until the next handover, on behalf of Aedes SiiQ, owner of the building.

  • La percezione dello spazio


    Continuing on the path started in 2019, BMS Progetti presents an exhibition dedicated to the works of the artist / photographer Walter Niedermayr. The selection of the works displayed in the spaces of Piazza Santissima Trinità 6, Milan, revolves around Walter Niedermayr’s ability to depict a very particular perception of the landscape in his “serial” shots, in tune with BMS’s design research.

    Most of the photographs come from the series created by the artist in Iran between 2005 and 2008. Alongside these pieces, a selection of other works more specifically focused on the photographic representation of contemporary architectural structures, to underline the importance of the perception of space as an experience, both in the world of photography and in the architectural approach during the design and construction phases.

    Through this exhibition project, BMS wants to investigate the perceptive experience of space, a characteristic theme of Walter Niedermayr’s works, involving the observer through the works on display in an immersive connection, while deepening the theme of the spatial relationship between the full and empty spaces of architectural volumes.

    BMS LAB conceived the exhibition project with the support of the Ncontemporary gallery (Milan | London) and the curator Claudio Composti.


    Information and visits:

    New DEA of the Ospedale Policlinico San Martino in Genoa

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    On September 14th, at the presence of Governor Giovanni Toti, the project for the New DEA of the Ospedale Policlinico San Martino in Genoa was officially presented.
    The competition for the design and construction was won by the group of Companies formed by COSTRUZIONI GENERALI GILARDI, EUROIMPIANTI, AR.CO. Lavori with the Intesa Sanpaolo Banking Group for Leasing, alongside the RTP composed by BMS Progetti and BMZ with L+Partners srl, AGM Project Consulting, P’ARCNOUVEAU and GEOSAT, for the design part.
    BMS has presented and will subsequently develop the architectural design of the façades and the exterior works, the structural design, the MEP design and the safety coordination.

    One Team BIM Conference 2020


    On June 10th BMS showcased its experience with the BIM360 software for the project management of the C Tower in Viale Richard in Milan, participating in the One Team BIM Conference 2020. The role of infrastructure, especially IT, in our branch is essential. Thanks to our experience, in this particular moment, BMS supports the digitalization of the supply chain, aware of its importance to increase the efficiency and transparency of the sector.