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  • EXPO 2015: BMS develops the structural and MEP design of Palazzo Italia

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    NEWS – annuario qualità

    A “natural architecture”, a fusion of “poetic design and technological experimentation”: the Italian Pavilion, the building that will be the national symbol at Expo 2015 shows the striking image of an “urban forest”, the “appearance of a big tree”.

  • Refurbishment and energy retrofit: a possible combination?


    CONFERENCE – Milano nei cantieri dell’arte

    Via Lupetta / Via Gorani

    Luca Stefanutti / BMS Progetti srl
    Stefano Crespi / Grassi & Crespi srl

  • Cascina Merlata School Complex

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    CONTEST – divisare

    Alessandro Scandurra / Scandurrastudio

    Cristina Mazzucchelli

    BMS Progetti Srl

    Coprat Soc Coop

  • PL Tower Hotel in Milan – BMS Progetti

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    NEWS – arketipo magazine

    In via Pirelli 20, Milan, an interesting ongoing retrofit operation of a former offices building that will see their spaces dedicated to hospitality.

  • Tall Buildings: the challenge of Milano Porta Nuova


    For the fourth consecutive year in Venice, at the Iuav University, we will address the issue of the design of tall buildings thanks to many speakers from different disciplines.

    This year’s topic will be the relationship between the skyscraper and the city and the case-study of Milan’s Porta Nuova Area – which is currently under major transformation with the construction of several tall buildings including “Torre Unicredit”, “Diamantone” and “Bosco verticale” – will be the main theme to witness how we can integrate this building type, often considered “foreign” in our country, with the dimension and historical stratification of the Italian city.

    IV international conference
    hosted by Aldo Norsa and Elena Giacomello
    interventions: Stefano Boeri, Aldo Bottini, Renzo Dubbini, Elisabetta Fabbri, Alberto Ferrari, Ranieri Fontana Giusti, Francesco Fresa, Mauro Eugenio Giuliani, John Iorio, Phil Jackson, Paulo Medeiro, Matteo Milani, Giulio Morandini, Pietro Perelli, Carlo Orlanducci, Marcello Personeni, Massimo Roj, Andrea Rolando, Claudio Saibene, Stefano Trevisan, Ermenegildo Zordan, Cino Zucchi