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  • Steel structures assembled on the ground and raised

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    To set up and organize the building site in innovative ways: this is the “House that is raised”, a collaboration between BMS Progetti and Roccatelier and the basis of a new social housing project.
    This construction system allows to create modular structures in steel, mounting “on the ground” the entire backbone of all plans (pillars, beams and floors) and then lifting it by simply pulling. “The link between the two companies – explains the structural engineer Stefano Rocca of BMS Progetti – was born from the desire by Roccatelier to experiment the use of steel and the availability of our studio to implement this innovative system.”

  • Structural Engineers World Congress 2011

    The Structural Engineers World Congress was hosted by Associazione SEWC2011 at Villa Erba in Como – Cernobbio, from April 4th to 6th 2011.

    As in the previous three editions (1998 in S. Francisco, 2002 in Yokohama, 2007 in Bangalore) engineers and architects from all the world could share experience and improve cooperation for the development and research on problems and trends finding a common address for holistic design and for sustainable construction.

    Our contributions:

    In situ concrete strength estimate by non-destructive combined methods with one, two and three variables (rebound number, ultrasonic pulse velocity, Windsor probe)
    D. C. Mantegazza, C. Naldi, S. Sgambati

    Fitting of shock transmitters to a precast reinforced concrete building
    Nicola Malatesta, Gabriele Weisz

  • Social housing in Milan. A project by Mab Arquitectura

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    The project of the group MAB arquitectura was the winner for one of the parcels provided by the Social Housing competition organized by the Municipality of Milan in 2005 with the purpose of establishing innovative actions of public buildings and social regeneration. It involved the construction of 184 apartments – for a total of 500 residents – services and public spaces. More than 80% of homes are currently occupied and commercial spaces are currently being assigned.

  • The Porta Nuova project told by the protagonists


    CONFERENCE – cte

    When the construction of a facility draws to a close the designers who conceived it feel within themself a kind of regret because they know that by this time their “baby” will no longer need them in order to perform its function. The project of an important work looms as a kind of educational program where the designers, with their work, give instructions to the structure about how to live.

  • h3hotel

    H3 Hotel

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    The modular sustainable A-class hotel has been born in Bergamo. Although, for now, it is only virtual. The H3hotel project, developed by Blast Architetti (concept by Alessandra Mauri), Manens Intertecnica and BMS Progetti, was presented recently to the Host 2009, the Professional Hospitality Fair of Milan.

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