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    CONFERENCE – cte

    When the construction of a facility draws to a close the designers who conceived it feel within themself a kind of regret because they know that by this time their “baby” will no longer need them in order to perform its function. The project of an important work looms as a kind of educational program where the designers, with their work, give instructions to the structure about how to live.

  • h3hotel

    H3 Hotel

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    NEWS – archiportale

    The modular sustainable A-class hotel has been born in Bergamo. Although, for now, it is only virtual. The H3hotel project, developed by Blast Architetti (concept by Alessandra Mauri), Manens Intertecnica and BMS Progetti, was presented recently to the Host 2009, the Professional Hospitality Fair of Milan.

    NEWS – architettura ecosostenibile

    NEWS – infobuild energia

    Abitare a Milano – VIA GALLARATE

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    CONTEST – divisare

    Social Housing, public facilities and park in Via Gallarate – Milan, Italy – International Competition 1st Prize.

    In/arch-Ance National Prize for best social housing intervention in Italy 2011

    Mies Van der Rohe award 2011 – finalist

    Ugo Rivolta european architecture award 2011 – Mentioned project

    Premio fondazione renzo piano 2011 – finalist.

  • Expansion of the Regional Council of Calabria

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    CONTEST – divisare

    Corvino + Multari

    Studio Salvatoni (structural engineering and safety)

    BMS Progetti Srl

    BMZ (energy and environment)

    Giovanna Castaldo

  • The new Alla Scala, the building site, the restoration and the architecture – Marsilio


    PUBLICATION – marsilio

    On December 7, the Teatro alla Scala will be returned to the city and for this event Marsilio, together with the Municipality of Milan, will present this volume that traces, through the story of all the protagonists of the construction site and a rich and exclusive photographic campaign, all the phases of the restoration and construction of the new architecture highlighting especially what could no longer be seen at the end of the works.