Autodesk BIM Workshop at BMS

    On February 09 Autodesk chose BMS for a workshop aimed at analyzing BIM working methods and their state of development.
    The aim was to make existing processes more efficient, analyzing critical issues, benefits and opportunities found in the transition to BIM.

  • Caleffi, BIM & BMS Progetti

    Caleffi, leader in Italy for the production of HVAC and plumbing components, visited our offices to show us their new BIM products library and their new software platform Caleffi Hydronic Design.

  • New BMS Headquarter

    BMS moved its headquarter from via Milazzo 10 to Piazza Santissima Trinità 6, Milano.

  • New project in the UAE

    BMS will design structures and MEP plants for a private residence in Abu Dhabi, architectural design by Peter Pichler Architecture.

    Luxury housing in via Leopardi – on-site works presentation

    In site meeting with majoring students of ‘Politecnico di Milano’

    Members of BMS staff with members of the contractor staff met professor Giuseppe Oliva of ‘Politecnico di Milano’ and the students of his course, ‘Building sites of Infrastructures’.
    The presentation was focused on the adjusted ‘top-down’ technique used to realize two new underground levels, dedicated to garage, cellars and technical rooms. The new levels were constructed below the existing building, that was sustained during excavation works by micropiles.

    Meeting schedule:

    – 3:00 p.m. presentation of the building concept, design and construction works
    – 4:00 p.m. visit of underground construction works
    – 5:50 p.m. end of the visit

  • One Team BIM Conference Milan

    New tender regulations, tools and best practices for building information modeling in the construction world.

    The event, scheduled for April 27 in Milan (MI), provides updates on the state of BIM in Italy, along with technical knowledge, case histories and necessary tools for project management in the field of Architecture, Engineering & Construction through the BIM process – Building Information Modeling.

    The seminar is held by leading figures in the field and is dedicated to architects, designers and project managers who deal with integrated design in the field of architecture and infrastructures.

    Torino Outlet Village “Stele” tested in PoliMi’s Wind tunnel

    The Stele is an 85 metres high obelisk, made of reinforced concrete for the first 9 metres and of steel with welded plates for the upper 76 metres.

    An experimental campaign was hosted at PoliMi’s Wind tunnel in order to define wind loads to consider in the structural design and possible interventions aimed at mitigating the dynamic effects due to wind excitation.

    The design and construction of a “sectional” stiff model with constant section – representative of the aerodynamic properties of a suitable portion of the stele – allowed the testing in “rigid” and “free motion” conditions in order to define the aerodynamic static properties, the dynamic excitation of the structure due to vortex shedding phenomena and investigate the possible dynamic instability of the model due to wind-structure interaction.

    The results of the experiments in the wind tunnel underlined the pressing need to increase the damping of the structure in order to avoid critical speed of galloping and vortex shedding among the design speed.

  • Italian Project to Global Practice

    The event: On February 5, 2016, at the Bertini Onlus Foundation, Modulo and Design&Contract organized a meeting to face and support the competitiveness of Italian design in foreign markets.

    The themes: Organization and Anglo-Saxon model, technology, investment, teamwork and network, clients.

    The protagonists: Leading architects and engineers in the Italian and global panorama shared their experience and challenged their ideas, enriching the debate. Several representatives of companies with a strong global vocation were also present.

  • Quality management training

    The educational training which involved the entire office staff on the internal system of quality management has just positively ended in these days.

  • Opening of the first Diaverum Clinic in Riyadh

    NEWS – Proger

    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – The first dialysis unit set in Riyadh by Diaverum – leading provider of renal care dialysis – in collaboration with Proger and BMS projects has been opened at the Prince Mohamed Bin Abdulaziz Hospital. The new Renal Care Center is provided with the most innovative health technologies and can accommodate up to 200 patients with chronic kidney diseases in a warm and comfortable environment.