L’obiettivo su Milano

    On display at BMS offices in Milan, from September 20th to October 20th 2019, thirty photographic portraits of contemporary Milanese architecture shot by Niccolò Biddau. The initiative, originated from the meeting with Eugenio Calini, one of the founding members of “29 Arts in Progress” Gallery in Milan, aims to showcase and recognize the city of Milan in its continuous and rapid change.
    During the opening event held on September 19th, the following prominent personalities intervened: Luisa Collina, Dean of the Design School of the Politecnico di Milano; Cino Zucchi, architect and professor at the Politecnico di Milano; with contributions by Gabriele Albertini, former mayor of Milan, and Pierfrancesco Maran, city planning councillor.

    SMAU Fieramilanocity – SMART PIQUER

    BMS Progetti present at booth B3 of SMAU with a project aimed to increase the sustainability of thermal insulation systems developed as part of the “Smart Piquer” research project.

    The future of making things

    Many thanks to Autodesk for inviting us to “The future of making things”, an interesting event focused on BIM and its developments in Italy.

  • Milano Arch Week 2018 – Spresiano Velodrome

    Pessina Costruzioni SpA and BMS presented the Spresiano Velodrome at “L’architettura sportiva” conference hosted by prof. Aldo Norsa for Milano ArchWeek2018.

  • ASSIMP – Augmented reality and other new technologies for the construction site of tomorrow

    At ASSIMP ITALIA (Italian Waterproofing Association) 2018 National Conference “Dal bitume a caldo al BIM” (“From bitumen to BIM”) BMS Progetti presented the new technologies and tools that BIM360 offers for site management: an opportunity to deepen the innovation process.

    BIM and construction companies

    Building companies and professionals debate about the evolution of BIM for on-site management and direction of works: BMS shared examples from its own experience in usign BIM360 platform for several ongoing projects.

    BMS for dABC BIM Master presentation at Politecnico di Milano

    BMS BIM team was invited to the dABC BIM Master presentation at Polytechnic University of Milan to present the company and its experience. The main themes of our speech were BIM procedures, our BIM projects and our past and current training.

    BIM everywhere: from the architect to the construction site

    BMS, in partnership with One Team, brings the BIM360 world from the future to the present.

    Standards and expertise of a company, that has over thirty years of experience in integrated services of architecture, are carried and applied on site with a tablet and with integration of projects with the cloud world.

  • Master Presentation: BIM. METHODS, MODELS AND APPLICATIONS – Politecnico di Milano – Third edition

    BMS Progetti will take part, presenting their BIM experiences, to the II level MASTER PRESENTATION – October 2017-18
    BIM MANAGER – BIM. Methods, Models and Applications

    Tuesday, September 12th 2017
    10.00 a.m.
    Aula Rogers

    BIM as a tool to identify and deepen the features of the project and of building management in relation to the main BIM guidelines:

    Building Information Modeling, the process as computable representation of the physical and functional characteristics of a building and its information
    Building Information Model, data characterization, technical specifications and features that can be extracted and transferred through BIM to generate the document framework
    Beyond Information Model, a methodology that represents a new approach to relate to the building and the associated context

  • One Team BIM Conference Milan 2017

    New tender regulations, tools and best practices for building information modeling in the construction world.