AGIP KCO Headquarter


2006 – 2007


Agip KCO, Eni Servizi


€ 160 million


Structural and electrical systems design.


Atyrau, Kazakhstan


Proger s.p.a.

  2000 - 2010

Agip’s ever-increasing oil interests in Kazakhstan led the company to plan the construction of a business centre at Atyrau. The project involves a site area of roughly 133,000 sqm, of which the buildings will occupy around 25,000 sqm.

The main building is an office block with a total gross area of 48,000 sqm. The building is ‘C’ shaped in plan and is divided by two joints into 3 structurally independent blocks, with 9, 11, and 12 floors above ground respectively, including the roof, with a maximum height of around 49 m.

Several buildings to house various facilities will also be constructed on the same site, in particular:
– a cafeteria and a sports centre (with a multifunction gym, swimming pool, squash court and fitness area) connected to the main building with a covered pedestrian bridge with a span of around 45 m;
– a medical centre directly linked to the main building;
– a two-storey building to be used partly as a car park and partly as a warehouse;
– two single storey buildings, containing all the MEP plants and connected to the other buildings by an underground tunnel.

Given the poor quality of the subsoil the building foundations – in the form of either footings and/or rafts – are mounted on driven prefabricated reinforced concrete piles. The structure is in in-situ reinforced and prestressed concrete.

Significant structural steel components are also being used, such as the lattice girders in the auditorium area, which support the 9 upper floors, the spatial lattice beams in curved arches covering the swimming pool and the gym, with spans of 30 and 28 m respectively, and the supporting structure of the pedestrian bridge, with a span of 45 m.