Alessandro Manzoni Hospital


1991 – 1996


Lecco health authority n.16


€ 129.2 million


Structural design


Lecco – Italy


architectural designer:
arch. Bohadan Paczowsky
arch. Marco Zanuso
arch. Aurelio Gorgerino

  1990 - 2000


The complex, located north-east of the town of Lecco, is composed of three buildings with a total floor area of more than 137.000 sqm: the main hospital block; the management buildings with a multi-storey car park; the technological block.

The hospital block, which houses 900 beds, is built on eight floors, two of which are underground. It is equipped with all the facilities and medical equipment of a modern multi-functional structure: such as radiography bunker; re-animation unit; eight operating theatres; casualty and emergency centre with a helicopter pad on the roof of the in-patient building. Otherwise, the administrative building contains all the health authority offices and the areas for the training of paramedic staff, canteen facilities, auditorium, library, etc.

The underground car park is on four levels, has 1,200 parking spaces and, in case of fire hazards, is completely divided by fire compartment with respect to the administration building above.

The technological block is connected to the hospital complex by a three-bay steel bridge which allows the passage of mechanized transport and liquids for the conditioning plant and medical gases. In this building are located the central heating plant, laundry facilities, kitchens, refuse disposal incinerator and the general stores.