La Scala


2002 – 2004


Milan Council


€ 46 million


Architectural and structural design with architect M.Botta.
Coordination of civil works.


Milan – Italy


architectural designer:
Mario Botta


square     square     square

The renovation of one of most famous opera houses in the world began in 2001 with the award of the work to the construction company on the basis of the final design.

The development of the architectural working plan was awarded by the firm to Swiss architect Mario Botta with the collaboration of specialists for the civil engineering and scenic works. BMS was invited to join this team, developed the overall structural design and was responsible for the construction design coordination as well.

Concerning structures, following the most important aspects:
– The foundations. Specifically, BMS was responsible for the special works (grouting, micro-piles, base tie-rods, etc.), alongside the company specialized in the construction of the “white bowl”.
– The “vierendeel” beams covering the scenic tower to support screens for the scenic mechanism for the opera house stage.
– The elliptical structure which is a characteristic feature of Botta’s architectural design.

Concerning the coordination of all aspects of design and with the aim of providing a suitable response to the high quality standards demanded by a prestigious opera house like “La Scala”, BMS worked to coordinate and integrate the requirements of scenic installations, conditioning and illumination plant with the architectural and structural demands of the building.