Carpaneta Farm


2007 – 2008


Infrastrutture Lombarde S.p.A.


€ 8 million


Architectural, structural and MEP design.


Bigarello (MN), Italy


architectural designer:
Consalez Rossi architetti associati


square     square

The complex, which lies in the agricultural area to the north-east of Mantua, is currently home to the offices of ERSAF (the regional authority for services to agriculture and forestry in Lombardy). The architecture of the site includes buildings of historic and artistic interest, dating from the 1930s, along with buildings constructed more recently.

The project involved the functional and architectural redevelopment of the site, through restoration and conservation work on the historic buildings, plus maintenance of the buildings used for agricultural purposes and also new-build operations including a laboratory, an experimental teaching dairy and a biomass regeneration plant.

BMS oversaw the coordination and integration of the various specialist activities, developing the structural and MEP design.