EXPO2015 – Palazzo Italia



2013 – 2015


Expo 2015


€ 52 million


Structural design and MEP design


Milan, Italy


architectural designer:
Nemesi & Partners


square     square     square     square

The project involves the construction of the Palazzo Italia, a building of approximately 12,800 sqm hosting exhibition areas, institutional offices, auditoriums, rooms for delegations, and the construction of regional buildings of the Cardo, for additional 10,700 sqm of exhibition spaces and related services. The Palazzo Italia along with the Cardo buildings represents the Italian system at Milan Expo 2015, occupying one of the two main axes of the general area Master Plan structure.
The Palazzo Italia is the symbolic heart of the whole project, and it is likely to remain even in the postexpo phase, being identified as one of the permanent buildings of the area. The Cardo buildings instead are temporary ones and will be dismantled and probably relocated to another area, to be determined, after the end of the Expo event.

The building features a considerable complexity and richness of volume, within which space is obtained for the various walking surfaces of each body, which are characterized by a wide and articulated plant development and supported at ground level by a few braces of limited extent, coincident, unless special cases, with the stairwells and elevator, which generally have a constant cross-section from the foundation to the roof.

The distribution of these supports on the ground floor is essentially dictated by strict functional and architectural requirements and the need to strictly comply to the EXPO2015 requirements. Given their irregular disposition and the distances between them, even remarkable ones, in addition to the functional requirements and distribution of every body, it has been chosen the solution which would best meet all individual requirements.