Central Railway Station



2005 – 2009


Grandi Stazioni S.p.A.


€ 100 million


Architectural and structural design.


Milan – Italy


architectural designer:




The project concerned the functional redevelopment of the entire Stazione Centrale [Central Railway Station] of Milan in order to create new commercial areas for travelers. Concurrently, the station’s original image, characterized by the “carriage gallery” (the covered area of the front entrance), was restored by the atrium of the main ticket office, and by the “head gallery” in front of the railway trains arrival point.

The design involved the restoration of previously unused areas below the “head gallery.” Over there, besides the creation of MEP facilities spaces, the new ticket office and a mezzanine level leading to a series of commercial areas were located. The new central connection between the ground floor and the track platforms is guaranteed by a new series of tapis roulants straddling the axis of the “head gallery.”

New commercial areas were obtained beneath the “carriage gallery” by inserting steelwork floor systems in correspondence of the spaces located at the sides of the ticket office and of the grand lateral staircases.

The overall works, for a total of approximately 65,000 sqm, covered the following surface areas:
– 26,500 sqm of service areas for travelers related both to railway operations (ticket office, information desks etc.) and to commercial areas (meal services and sales);
– 4,200 sqm for the Ferrovie dello Stato [Italian State Railway] offices and services;
– 30,000 sqm for common areas;
– 4,000 sqm for MEP facilities.

BMS Progetti played the role of expert consultant for the contractor in order to adapt the final design to the reality of the worksite dealing in particular with the architectural and structural design and the overall coordination. BMS was also assigned to draft the variations during construction and to prepare all the as-built architectural documentation.