2010 – 2015


Fondo Umbria BNP Paribas R.E.I.M.


€ 100 million


Structural and MEP design.


Perugia – Italy


architectural designer:
Bolles & Wilson



The project involved the transformation of the Monteluce area in Perugia, which housed for more than 80 years the S. Maria della Misericordia Regional Hospital, into a multipurpose urban complex. The work required a careful attention to the monumental identity of the existing and the design of sustainable new buildings (LEED certification).

The project, signed by the architects Bolles & Wilson, winning the International design competition, transformed the large monofunctional area into a complex urban system, able to give back to Perugia a structured part of the city in place of the old hospital, respecting some historical buildings which belong to the area and fixing its monumental identity.

The total building surface area is about 107.000 sqm, divided as follows:
– 8.600 sqm for retail;
– 3.500 sqm for offices;
– 1.100 sqm for conference halls;
– 10.000 sqm for hotels;
– 3.600 sqm for public buildings;
– 1.000 sqm for school;
– 30.000 sqm for parking;
– 12.000 sqm for public spaces;
– 37.200 sqm for residences.