Porta Nuova Garibaldi


2009 – 2012




€ 55 mln. (for the structural works)


Structural test and MEP Works Supervision


Milan – Italy


architectural designer:
Pelli Clarke Pelli architects



The project is part of the requalification being carried out in the Garibaldi-Repubblica area and is built on several levels, for a total surface area of 230,000 sqm.

Planned by Cesar Pelli as an entirely pedestrian area, the complex is designed around a “podium”: a round plaza 100 m in diameter, six meters above street level. The idea of an extraordinarily large pedestrian mall was driven by the need to form a continuous plane between the park and fashion city: a pedestrian area surrounded by shops and offices, with a road passing under the platform.

Parking areas were also located underneath the podium, for a total surface area of over 40,000 sqm. Eco-sustainable buildings rise around the “Podium”, with the tallest reaching 145 meters (over 220 meters total height if we include the rooftop antenna), as well as spaces dedicated to fashion, creativity, communication and production.

The structures are basically reinforced concrete poured using advanced construction techniques and utilizing highly resistant materials, including concrete with resistances of up to Rck>75 MPa, produced on site using a dedicated concrete mixing plant. The entire construction process is subject to high level control systems, made indispensable by the quality levels required and the limited realization times.
BMS carried out tests on the structures during construction.