Primark stores


2015 – 2016





Structural consultancy, civil consultancy, design check, structural load tests.


Arese (MI) | Italy
Roncadelle (BS) | Italy
Campi Bisenzio (FI) | Italy
Verona (VR) | Italy
Ponte di Nona (Roma) | Italy

  2010 - in progress


Primark store in Arese (MI) is the first Primark retail unit opened in Italy and it is located within the new shopping centre “Il Centro”, one of the largest malls in Europe. The store extends over two floors and covers an area of more than 6500 sqm. Two passenger lifts, two goods lifts and two escalators connect the upper and the lower floors. The commercial area includes over 60 dressing rooms and almost 50 cash counters. A reserved loading bay zone is present in the external area.

Primark store in Roncadelle (BS) is located in the new “Elnòs Shopping” centre, covering a surface of 5400 sqm on a single floor. The selling area consists of an open space of about 4000 sqm, while the remaining 1400 sqm are reserved for offices and for a storage area with direct access to the loading bay through two goods lifts. The store includes about 60 cash counters and a large fitting area with more than 60 fitting booths.

Primark store in Campi Bisenzio (FI) is under completion and is located in the existing mall “I Gigli”. It extends on an overall surface of about 6000 sqm: the 5500 sqm retail and storage areas are placed on a single floor, while the staff offices are placed on a new mezzanine level.

Primark store in Verona (VR) is under construction and is located in the new “Adigeo” centre. It will be located on two floors, connected by two escalators, two customer lifts and two goods lifts. The overall retail area reaches 4600 sqm, while the staff and the stockroom areas are located on a surface of about 1000 sqm at the upper level.

Primark store in Ponte di Nona (Roma) is under construction and is located in the existing “RomaEst” centre. It will be located on two floors and the overall surface will cover about 6000 sqm.