Social Housing Complex in Via Gallarate




City of Milan


€ 23 million


Architectural design.


Milan – Italy


architectural designer:
MAB Marotta Basile Arquitectura


square     square

  2000 - 2010


The project consisted of the planning of a 33,500 sqm area, along Via Gallarate: here four residential estates were built, with associated facilities and an urban park. The site was treated as an urban development project to generate a well-furnished park which serves as a connecting element between the Gallarate district and the areas up north to be developed in the future.

The park can be divided into three zones: the well equipped area adjoining Via Appennini, the central section with the path which extends across the plot lengthways from east to west and the sloping section adjoining Via Gallarate (north) which provides protection from high speed road noise and is bounded by a wall which is one of the feature elements of the project. Within the park are both facilities for use by residents of the complex and residential buildings.

The residential section is divided into four cores: two to be used for social housing (PCERS – Local authority social housing programmes) and two will be locally funded. Various building types have been used (low-rise and towers), the 184 apartments are designed to house 1-2 residents, 3-4 residents and 5-6 residents as instructed by the City of Milan. All the buildings have a basement level housing parking spaces and store rooms for the residents. At the ground floor are shared services for the residents of both the complex and the local area, including a nursery, a day centre for the elderly, a community cultural centre, multi-purpose halls, shops.