Sunpower photovoltaic plants


2009 – 2012




depending on the power of the plant


Civil and structural design.


Various locations – Italy





The SunPower photovoltaic plants grew in number and size on the entire Italian territory. The SunPower technology, leader in the photovoltaic industry, sets the installation through different technologies, from the “classic” solar-chasing system T0 Tracker to the more complex T20 Tracker, which is a solar chasing system as well but differs in mechanical features and energy production.

The installations are developed with the goal to optimize the impact on the territory. The civil works (internal roads, hydraulic works to drain the rain water) are therefore studied following environmental protection principles.

Among these activities, for about twenty locations BMS developed the following:
– design and structural verification of the Trackers and their foundations (driven piers, precast concrete foundations) through data coming from Wind Tunnel Tests;
– technical assistance during the geotechnical surveys;
– technical coordination with the SunPower technicians to define the design principles;
– design of the foundations of the cabins (inverter, delivery cabin);
– civil works design: internal roads, draining systems for the rain water, possible grading for the modelling of the ground slopes;
– technical control and local regulations adjustment of the technical parts developed by non-Italian design teams;
– technical assistance during construction.