Torino Outlet Village

YEAR 2010 – in progress
VALUE € 40 million
TASK Structural and architectural design,
design coordination.
LOCATION Settimo Torinese (TO) – Italy
CREDITS architectural designer:
Claudio Silvestrin Architects
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The new commercial complex, based on the concept design developed by Claudio Silvestrin Architects, lays on about 50.000 sqm area in Settimo Milanese and is articulated on two levels.

The first level is completely used as parking, while the second one, which houses the commercial area, occupies a rectangular plan of about 30.000 sqm.

The commercial area, rising 5 meters above the parking, is articulated in rectangular buildings laid out symmetrically with respect to the central main avenue, which is greatly characterized by a 85 meters high stele.

The shops are sheltered by porches and by cantilevered roofs, 11 meters high. The flooring of the commercial area and the landscaping elements are clad in Santafiora stone.

The complex commercial surface is divided as follows:
– about 20.000 sqm for outdoor parking;
– about 30.000 sqm for covered parking;
– about 20.000 sqm for shopping;
– about 10.000 sqm for public spaces.