Structural Engineers World Congress 2011

Structural Engineers World Congress 2011
4 April 2011 BMS Progetti Srl
The Structural Engineers World Congress was hosted by Associazione SEWC2011 at Villa Erba in Como – Cernobbio, from April 4th to 6th 2011.

As in the previous three editions (1998 in S. Francisco, 2002 in Yokohama, 2007 in Bangalore) engineers and architects from all the world could share experience and improve cooperation for the development and research on problems and trends finding a common address for holistic design and for sustainable construction.

Our contributions:

In situ concrete strength estimate by non-destructive combined methods with one, two and three variables (rebound number, ultrasonic pulse velocity, Windsor probe)
D. C. Mantegazza, C. Naldi, S. Sgambati

Fitting of shock transmitters to a precast reinforced concrete building
Nicola Malatesta, Gabriele Weisz