Lo studio e il pensiero – interview with Rudy Cremonini

Lo studio e il pensiero – interview with Rudy Cremonini
28 October 2021 BMS Progetti Srl

BMS Progetti exhibits for the first time in its spaces, and until spring 2022, the paintings of a young and successful Italian artist, Rudy Cremonini.

The lucky meeting with Cremonini arises from the amazement of how his creative process, and ours, comes from a common primeval “intuition” that then is fullfilled in each work, and it is gradually changed into a completed thought and finally into a real “artefact” that can be enjoyed autonomously, tangibile, and that can be happily experienced by those who will be its recipients.

Just like for the Artist, our activity develops along a path that, from the conception of a primary idea originated by a happy blooming, then concretizes, modifies, evolves and perfects the object through the purely conceptual stage of work that is constantly defined and populated by thoughts, limits and spaces.

The aspiration of Cremonini and BMS Progetti in fact is always that that in the finished product, be it artistic or architectural-engineering, the core of what have been their respective intuitions is preserved with the aim and the desire that these intuitions be so authentic and profound (precisely because they derive from a long study and an equally accurate process of development) such as to arouse continuous emotion and joy in all those who will be the witnesses.

BMSLAB conceived the exhibition project with the support of Maria Chiara Valacchi, independent curator, founder of Cabinet and Paint.

BMSLAB is the transversal area of ​​BMS Progetti aimed to add value to projects through activities that: stimulate new ideas; favor points of contact; offer opportunities for in-depth study on aspects of compatibility and integration of projects. BMSLAB, through a permanent, transversal and synergistic innovation platform, promotes the logic of sustainability, open innovation and cultural contributions aimed at improving our design approach.