• Refurbishing with a combination of performance and lightness

    NEWS – infobuild

    An interesting operation of conversion and redevelopment of a property previously used as offices transformed into a prestigious hotel, close to Milan’s central station and the “Pirelli Tower”: the PL Tower (LaGareHotel), is interesting not only for the quality of architecture and spaces, but also for the ambitious energy efficiency strategy pursued by the design of BMS Progetti and materialized by the construction company Setten Genesio.

  • Vietnamese Pavilion, bamboo and steel: some features of the structure

    For the realization Proger and BMS Progetti had to coordinate a team of Vietnamese workers, specialized in the processing of bamboo, and managed to finish the work ahead of schedule: the Vietnamese Pavilion was one of the first to be completed.

  • Italian Pavilion, the building-event

    The Italian pavilion project stands out for the built environment design quality, for the research and innovation of the technologies used for shielding the facade and the high level of environmental and energy sustainability.

    As part of an overall simplification process, the thermo-mechanical systems (BMZ Impianti – BMS Progetti) were made lacking the expected mass activation system – the first example of this type designed in Italy. Nevertheless, this building-event presents many extremely interesting features, starting with his sculptural forms.

  • Pria opens a new building in Via Torino

    NEWS – il ghirlandaio

    The new building located between via Torino, via della Palla and via Lupetta will be opened today in Milan, at the presence of local authorities, after a major upgrading lasted three years by PRIA SpA, a privately held investment and real estate development society. The new building occupies an area of over 6,000 square meters and will house shops, offices, private homes and garages.

    NEWS – internews

  • EXPO Pavillions and BIM

    Which EXPO 2015 pavillions were made thanks to building information modeling, why and with what results?

  • The Excelsior Hotel Gallia reborn in Milan

    NEWS – arketipo magazine

    In a period of great turmoil for the city of Milan, after the International Furniture Fair and a few days before the opening of Expo 2015, the Excelsior Hotel Gallia was finally opened.

  • The canopy cover of Palazzo Italia

    NEWS – promozione acciaio

    A spatial structure of steel and glass of 4,500 sq.m.
    350 tonnes of steel trusses made of circular tubular elements
    Permanent work, customized, expression of innovation, created with a single structural model

  • Palazzo Italia between engineering synergy and integrated building systems

    NEWS – progettare

    Interview to Eng. Aldo Bottini.

  • Opening of the first Diaverum Clinic in Riyadh

    NEWS – Proger

    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – The first dialysis unit set in Riyadh by Diaverum – leading provider of renal care dialysis – in collaboration with Proger and BMS projects has been opened at the Prince Mohamed Bin Abdulaziz Hospital. The new Renal Care Center is provided with the most innovative health technologies and can accommodate up to 200 patients with chronic kidney diseases in a warm and comfortable environment.

  • EXPO 2015: BMS develops the structural and MEP design of Palazzo Italia

    NEWS – annuario qualità

    A “natural architecture”, a fusion of “poetic design and technological experimentation”: the Italian Pavilion, the building that will be the national symbol at Expo 2015 shows the striking image of an “urban forest”, the “appearance of a big tree”.