• PL Tower Hotel in Milan – BMS Progetti

    NEWS – arketipo magazine

    In via Pirelli 20, Milan, an interesting ongoing retrofit operation of a former offices building that will see their spaces dedicated to hospitality.

  • Italian Pavilion EXPO 2015 – The Design Team: Nemesi & Partners, Proger and BMS Progetti

    NEWS – art tribune

    Expo 2015, here are pictures and videos of the future Italian Pavilion. Just a year left and in the meantime the project gets displayed at the Quirinale in Rome.

  • Expo 2015 – And the winner is…

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    Overcrowded, the Hall of Honour of the Trienniale was the chosen venue to award the project that won the international competition to design the Italian Pavilion.

  • ikea chieti

    IKEA Store – Chieti

    NEWS – arketipo

    IKEA unveils a new store completely focused on environmental sustainability thanks to careful planning and the help of innovative and low impact technological systems.

  • Le Terrazze Shopping Centre – Publications

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    Developed by Sonae Sierra and ING Real Estate, Le Terrazze (SP) is the largest shopping center in Liguria. Between the magnets: Ipercoop, Media World, OVS Industry, La Feltrinelli.

    PUBLICATION – costruzioni e materiali edizioni PEI

    PUBLICATION – adm network

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  • Steel structures assembled on the ground and raised

    NEWS – Edilizia News

    To set up and organize the building site in innovative ways: this is the “House that is raised”, a collaboration between BMS Progetti and Roccatelier and the basis of a new social housing project.
    This construction system allows to create modular structures in steel, mounting “on the ground” the entire backbone of all plans (pillars, beams and floors) and then lifting it by simply pulling. “The link between the two companies – explains the structural engineer Stefano Rocca of BMS Progetti – was born from the desire by Roccatelier to experiment the use of steel and the availability of our studio to implement this innovative system.”

  • Social housing in Milan. A project by Mab Arquitectura

    NEWS – edilio / Il Sole 24ORE – Arketipo

    The project of the group MAB arquitectura was the winner for one of the parcels provided by the Social Housing competition organized by the Municipality of Milan in 2005 with the purpose of establishing innovative actions of public buildings and social regeneration. It involved the construction of 184 apartments – for a total of 500 residents – services and public spaces. More than 80% of homes are currently occupied and commercial spaces are currently being assigned.

  • h3hotel

    H3 Hotel

    NEWS – archiportale

    The modular sustainable A-class hotel has been born in Bergamo. Although, for now, it is only virtual. The H3hotel project, developed by Blast Architetti (concept by Alessandra Mauri), Manens Intertecnica and BMS Progetti, was presented recently to the Host 2009, the Professional Hospitality Fair of Milan.

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